Making Verbal Bets at the Craps Table

"Dice are moving!", "We're goin!", "We're rollin!", "Dice!"... these are all warnings. It's what the Stickperson says when they send the dice to the shooter and your cue to stop putting your hands on the table, hanging them over the edge of the rail, dropping money, throwing cheques, pointing at things, or anything that may change how the dice were going to land. Right now, the shooter has the dice and is about to throw them. If your hands are on the table when the shooter throws the dice and hits you, and that roll causes everybody to lose, guess whose fault it's going to be? That's right... yours.

You can play Craps by talking to the dealers. You can make bets, move bets, take down bets, ask bets to be turned OFF and ON, and a host of other options. You DO NOT need to throw your money on the table to make a bet. I repeat you do not need to throw your money on the table to make a bet. You can make a verbal declaration of what you want, and as long as the dealer repeats it back to you, it is considered a "bet." After the dice have landed, you can drop your money on the table, and the dealer will set up your bet.

What Is Verbal Declaration of a Bet in Craps?

Many times the dice are out, and you want to make a bet. As long as the dealers can see you have the money for the bet, you can make it verbally, and the dealers will book it. E.g., if the dice are out and you want $5 in the Field, you can look at the dealer and say, “I want $5 in the field.” The dealer will repeat it back to you, and after the dice have landed, you can put the money on the table. Verbal bets will help you avoid getting hit with the dice and save you from being yelled at by the other players.

Verbal declaration of a bet
An outline of a person with a red though bubble next to another outlined person with a blue talking bubble and a cheque in their hand.

Are the Dealers Repeating Your Bets on the Craps Game?

Having a dealer repeat your bet is one of the most important things that need to happen in Craps. Any bet you ask for that is not repeated back to you can be considered a “No bet.” Dealers repeat the bet to let you know they heard you, make sure it's the bet you actually want, and so the Box can know what’s happening at the table. If the dealer does not repeat your bet back to you, then you should repeat yourself.

The dealers can also say "Bet" as a way of confirming your action. If you hear them say "Bet" instead of repeating your action, then you're still good to go.

What Is a No Call Bet in Craps?

Tables labeled with 'No Call Bets' mean you cannot walk up to a Craps table and verbally ask for a bet without showing that you have the money for the bet. If the dealers can't see money, then it will be a “No bet.”

What Does "No Bet" Mean in Craps?

"No bet" is a phrase used when the dealer doesn't accept your bet. There can be many reasons a dealer doesn't accept a bet, such as making a bet too late, not understanding what your bet is, or making an improper bet. Try to make sure you find out why the dealer said "No bet" so you don't repeat the same mistake twice.

What Does "My Bets are ON" Mean at the Craps Table"

Place Bets, Come Bet Odds, and Hardways are all 'Off' during the Comeout Roll, meaning they won't win or lose. If you want, you can have those bets working by telling the dealer you would like to turn those bets 'On'. They're a bunch of ways to do it as well:

  • You can turn all your bets 'On' by saying, "Turn all my bets On."
  • You can turn certain groups of bets 'On' by saying, "Turn my place bets on", "Turn my hardways on.", or "Turn my come bet odds on."
  • You can turn specific bets 'On' by saying things like, "Turn on my six and eight.", or "Turn on my hard ten."
My bets are on"
The puck is off and in the Don't Come. There is a $10 place bet on the Point Ten with an 'On' button on top.

What Does "My Bets Are OFF" Mean in a Craps Game?

During the Intermediate Roll, all your bets are already turned On. You can tell the dealer that you want all your bets or specific bets turned Off. When you say, “I'm off” the dealer will say, “Odds work unless you pick them up.”, meaning that it's your own responsibility to pick up any Odds you have for your Pass Line bet. You might also hear, “Hardways are also working unless called off.” meaning that you must also say that you would like your Hardways Off.

My bets are off
The puck is on and sitting in the point six. There is a $50 place bet on the point five with an off button on top.