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Betting the Hardways in Craps

Many players love the Hardways because they are one of the Proposition Bets that aren't a one-roll bet, yet they offer a pretty good return. Another good thing about the Hardways is their ability to win simultaneously with your Pass Line Bet. It's always fun to win the Point then pick up a decent payout on your Hardway.

There are four even Points: the 4, 6, 8, and 10. When one of those rolls as a pair, it is considered to have rolled “hard”. When they don’t land as a pair, it is considered “easy”. A Hardway is betting that the dice will land “hard” before they land “easy” or before a 7 is rolled.

The Hardways
Roll Pays Wins Loses
Hard 6 9:1 3-3 7, 5-1, 4-2
Hard 8 9:1 4-4 7, 6-2, 5-3
Hard 4 7:1 2-2 7, 3-1
Hard 10 7:1 5-5 7, 6-4
  • The Hardways are not one roll bets
  • Hardways are not contract bets
  • Hardways are off during the Comeout Roll
The hardways
Up close view of the Hardway Section on the craps table. There are no cheques on the table.

What is a Buffalo Bet in Craps?

The Buffalo is for the players that love their Hardways. A player will bet an equal amount on each Hardway, working on the Comeout Roll, and hedges them by betting the same amount on the Any 7. These players don’t want to wait for a Point to be established to bet the Hardways, and they also don’t want to lose those bets if 7 rolls. If the 7 rolls, the Any 7 will pay four times and cover the four Hardways that just lost. It's a push. They are all up to win again.

One thing to remember is if any other natural is rolled during the Comeout Roll, the player must bet the Any 7 again to continue hedging their Hardways. If either the 4, 6, 8, or 10 are rolled “easy,” then that Hardway will lose, and you have to bet it again if you still want it.

Many casinos won't acknowledge the phrase “Buffalo”. They understand what it means, but instead of booking your bet as a “Buffalo", they will book it as “A dollar all the Hardways working and a dollar any 7.” Either way, make sure the dealer books your bet.

Overhead view of $1 each the hardways with a dollar on the any seven. There is an on lammer on top of one of the cheques. The puck reads off in the corner.

Where Are Your Hardways on the Craps Table?

Hardways are very popular bets, and there will be many times where almost everyone on the table is betting them; when that happens, the potential for mistakes increases. A dealer may put your bet in the wrong spot or may press the wrong Hardway. The only way to know for sure if a dealer may be making a mistake with your money is to know where your bets are. Watch where the dealer places your bets and make sure it's consistent among all your Hardways.

Each Hardway section on the Craps layout is divided into four quadrants, with each quadrant optimally holding four players. Sometimes the dealers can't fit all the cheques in those sections, so they improvise the position, or the dealer will place them in an area you may not relate to as your spot in the rail. You don't need to be married to your spot on the Craps layout. As long as the dealer is consistent with where they put your bets in each Hardway section, you can learn where they have your bet assigned on the layout.

Placement of a hardway
Up close view of the Hardways section and the craps rail with 18 colored spots.

What Do the Hardways Pay in Craps?

The Hard 6 and 8 pay more than the 4 and 10 because there are more ways for them to lose. There are 10 ways for the 6 or 8 to lose (any 7 or any 'easy' way) and 8 ways for the 4 or 10 to lose (any 7 or 'easy' way).

Pays 9:1 on the 6 and 8

The Hard 6 and 8 each pay 9:1 or $9 for every $1 you bet.

Hard 6 and 8
$3 on the hard six with two green dice that read 3-3. A bubble reads $27 payment.

Pays 7:1 on the 4 and 10

The Hard 4 and 10 each pay 7:1 or $7 for every $1 you bet.

Hard 4 and 10
$30 on the hard ten with two green dice that read 5-5. A bubble reads $270 payment.

Hardway Payment Calculators

Check the payment for a Hardway Bet.

Check the payment for all the bets on the craps table here.

How Do You Bet the Hardways for the Dealers on a Craps Game?

Dealers love Hardways as much as players do. The odds aren’t horrible to hit one and they pay off well enough when they come. Throw a dollar or two to the stickperson and tell em the "Dealer hard six and eight!" or "Two way hard four!"

Dealer hardway
$1 in the middle of the hard six