The Basics Path:

Paths are guided shortcuts around the website teaching different parts of Craps. You can learn more about Paths here. Paths are guided shortcuts around the website teaching different parts of Craps. You can learn more about Paths here.

The Craps Table

Here is the Craps table. I know there's a lot on there but once you start to break it down piece by piece, bet by bet you realize you don't need to be concerned with most of it. It's got four main sections: the Rail, the Betting Area, Proposition Betting Area, and the Bank.

Overhead View of Craps Table
Overhead view of Craps table with highlighted areas of the bank, betting areas, proposition bets, and the rail.

The Rail on a Craps Table

The rail is where you place your cheques. It's divided into sections, and each section is for a player. After you buy in, you put your cheques in the rail sideways, and you're ready to play. Under the rail is a second rail where you place other objects such as drinks or an ashtray. Be careful using this rail underneath with your belongings. People leave their stuff on it, players spill their drinks on it, and I would be afraid of players pickpocketing a purse or anything similar. Just be careful down there.

Proposition Bets on the Craps Table

This whole middle area of the Craps table is reserved for Proposition Bets, most of which are one-roll bets. It serves both sides of the table, so all 16 players can bet on this area simultaneously. And believe me, when they do, all you see is a skyline of cheques covering everything. It gets crazy.

Craps Table Betting Areas

You play the majority of the game in these two areas. The left side can serve up to eight players, and the right side another eight. You are playing the same game at the same time but on opposite ends of the Craps Table. The Betting Area is where you make your Pass Line Bets, Don't Pass Bets, Place Bets, Come Bets.

The Craps Table Bank

The money the casino uses to run the game is called The Bank. players' buy-ins and color-ups come from there and are where dealers get their money to deal the game. The Craps Bank in this picture has a total of $260,800.

Are You Watching the Craps Table Limits

The first thing is first: find the table with the lowest minimum bet. You’ll find tables at their lowest limits during the day or middle of the week and at their highest on the weekends. A $5 game can eat $100 in a matter of minutes so make your money last by finding the cheapest table.

Craps Table Limit Sign
Craps table limit sign with $10 minimum bet and $50 maximum bet.

What Is the Puck for on a Craps Game?

The Puck is double-sided and tells you which of the two stages the Craps game is in. One side is black and reads OFF. The other is white and reads ON.

When the Puck reads OFF it will sit in the Don't Come betting area. This is known as the Comeout Roll and is the beginning of the game. This is the time to make your Pass Line and Don't Pass bets.

When the puck reads ON it will be sitting in one of the 6 Points: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. This is known as the Intermediate Roll and means the players are in the middle of the game. This is the time to make your Place Bets, Come Bets, Don't Come Bets, and any Hardways you may want.

Both Pucks must always be in the same position as the opposite side of the table. If you ever see either of these Pucks in a different position than the other you must tell the Dealer or Boxperson immediately because that's a HUGE mistake that needs to be fixed.

Puck OFF
The Puck sitting in the OFF position in the Don't Come.
Puck ON
The Puck sitting in the ON position on the Point Six.

What Is the Stick for on a Craps Table?

The Stick is used to send dice to the players and collect them after the roll since some tables can be as long as 16ft. It is usually made of rattan, the material used in wicker, and is incredibly flexible, helping to navigate the dice around the layout. The stick is used by a dealer called the Stickperson, who uses it to run the game's pace, point at people who need to get paid or push cheuques all over the place. It's pretty fun to play with the stick.

Two Craps Dice Being Pulled Back By Stick
Two dice near spot twelve on the layout. The dice are being pulled back by a black stick and it's being reflected in the mirror.

Why Is There a Bowl on the Craps Table?

The Bowl is used to hold the extra dice not being used by the shooter. The Stickperson will lay the bowl down, place the remaining three dice inside, and place it against the mirror while the shooter is shooting. If a die or both dice land in the bowl during a roll then it is considered a no-roll.

Bowl on Stick with 5 Dice
An empty table with the stick laying flat and the bowl resting on top of the stick. Five dice sit in the bowl.