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Proposition Bets on the Craps Table

What is a Proposition Bet on the Craps table? Some would say it's a one-roll bet. Others would say they are any of the bets in the center of the table. For the most part, Proposition Bets are one-roll bets in the middle of the table, although some last more than one roll, and I consider the Field a Prop Bet, and that isn't in the middle of the table, so, who knows?

Regardless of the definition, betting Proposition Bets can be a lot of fun! Most of them have a dollar minimum, so you won't have to bet a lot, and when they come two, three... four times in a row... and you realize that a single cheque can net you hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars at the Craps table in only a couple minutes... you realize the allure.

The Craps table has a lot of Prop Bets, and the casino loves it. They pretty much suck the money out of you because you always have to throw money out there to hit one. Craps is a game where you want to use the money you win to make more bets, not constantly pull money out of the rail.

Proposition bets
Overhead view of the proposition area on the craps table.

What Is a One-Roll Bet in Craps?

A One-Roll bet is a bet that must win the next roll, or it loses. Most one-roll bets are found in middle of the table, and have minimums ranging from $1 to $5. The Hardways are an exception because, while they have $1 minimumum, and are in the middle of the table, they can last longer than one roll. The Field is a one-roll bet but has the table min. and is on each side of the table.

How Do You Bet Proposition Bets at the Craps Table?

Almost all Proposition Bets are in the middle of the table, so you give the money to the Stickperson, and they will set up the bet. Tell the Stickperson how much you are betting and which bet you want, then throw the money into the middle of the table. You should really make eye contact with the Stickperson, so they know it is you betting. Even if they hear your bet and see the money come in, they can't be 100% sure it came from you. Your bets should also be repeated to you by at least one of the dealers. If the dice are out and the Stickpersons' back is turned to you, you must tell the Base Dealer. If your bet is not repeated to you, then it isn’t a bet.

How to bet proposition bets
First person view of a player throwing a cheque towards the middle of the table