Betting Multi-Bets in Craps

Multi-Bets are betting the same amount on 2 or 3 different straight up bets. This page goes over the most common two and three Multi-Bet combinations that you’ll see other players betting and the proper way to say them.

Multi bets
Multiple bets in the proposition area: $2 split on the eleven twelve, a high low yo, and a $5 c and e split.

Each vs Split in Craps


When you use the phrase "Each" you're betting the same amount of money on two different numbers. E.g. "Can I have $1 'each' High-Low?"


You can split two different two numbers with an odd amount (like $5) with the phrase "Split". E.g. "Can I have a nickel split on the Aces-Ace Deuce?" Some casinos won't allow odd amounted splits ($5) because they're improper ($2.50 on each).

What Are Some Common Two Number Multi-Bets in Craps?

High - Low

It's the Aces and the Twelve but when you bet them together they are the highest number (12) and the lowest number (2) so we call them "High-Low".

High low
$1 each on the two and the twelve.

Eleven - Twelve(ET)

While you normally would use the word "Yo" when betting an eleven, when you bet it with the twelve, you would use the word "Eleven". Example: "Can I have a nickel each eleven-twelve?" People also use the letter combination 'ET'. Example: "Can I have a nickel each ET?"

Eleven twelve
$1 each on the eleven and the twelve.

Aces - Ace Deuce

You're not going to say anything special for these two. You just say "Can I have $1 each Aces - Ace Deuce?"

Aces ace deuce
$1 each on the aces and the ace deuce

Seven - Eleven

Not only does it rhyme but when you're betting the Don't Pass you can use those two numbers to hedge your bet.

Seven eleven
$1 on each the seven and the eleven.

What Are Some Common Three Number Multi-Bets in Craps?

There are a couple popular bets that include three numbers and they must be bet in multiples of three.


This is betting the 12, the Aces, and the Yo. Most people love the Yo and who doesn’t like the High and the Low, they are the two highest paid bets on the table.

High low yo
$1 each on the aces, ace deuce, and the yo.

Three Way Craps

The Three Way Craps bets the Aces, Ace Deuce, and the Twelve. It is more of a hedge bet. Whenever people bet the Pass Line on the Comeout Roll they lose when any of those three numbers are rolled so it's not a bad bet when you're deciding to hedge.

The Three Way Craps and Any Craps are similar because they both bet the same numbers but different in how the money is distributed. A Three way is betting each of the numbers individually so depending on which one rolls, the payment is different. The Any Craps is betting whether or not any of the three of will come and it pays the same regardless of which rolls.

Three way craps
$1 each on the aces, ace deuce, and the twelve.