Betting the Any Seven in Craps

The Any 7 is a one-roll bet and could be used any number of ways. Many of the Don't players use it to hedge or tnavnvoke the seven. You can add it to the Horn to make a World or many players bet it during the Comeout Roll so they could win twice if they are on the Pass Line.

Any Seven
Roll Pays Wins Loses
Any 7 4:1 7 Any other number
  • The Any Seven is a one roll bet
Any seven
Overhead up close view of the any seven area on the craps layout.

Where Is Your Any Seven on the Craps Table?

The Any 7 is a bar across the middle of the table. The bar is split into a left and right side of the table with the center of the bar is the middle of the table and the edges of the bar are the two bases.

Placement of the any seven
Up close view of the any seven bar and the craps rail. There are eight spots that are color coordinated on the bet and the rail.

What Does the Any Seven Pay in a Craps Game?

The Any 7 pays 4:1 or $4 for every $1.

Any seven payment
$4 on the any seven with two green dice that read 1-6. There is a bubble that reads $16 payment.

Any Seven Payment Calculator

Check the payment for an Any Seven Bet.

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