About this site

Parlay Nation was originally a website meant to teach dealers how to deal Craps. After learning how large and complicated Craps was, and how learning press moves, conversions, and payment shortcuts would make my life 100x easier, I wanted to know more. I wanted to know everything about dealing Craps. Unfortunately, a place online doesn't exist so I made it my goal to build a place online that would teach people how to deal casino Craps.

I started building a site that taught dealers how to deal. I found an investor, bought a Craps table, took a ton of pictures, and started putting everything together. We were gonna build an intranet that casinos could use to teach their employees how to deal. Sell the information to casinos. Trying to take full advantage of this huge craps table we now owned, the investor and I decided we might be able to start a casino event company using it if we bought a few other tables and found a crew of people who could deal (all my friends). And so we started Casino Dealer LLC.

I ended up diverting most of my attention from building a place teaching dealers how to deal to starting an event company that crumbled after less than a couple of years. We lost a bunch of time and money creating a new business model while not managing it correctly. The site was never finished. Casino Dealer LLC shut down. It was miserable. The whole thing was done wrong. I made a lot of mistakes, I learned a lot, reflected on a lot, and in the end, consider it a good experience.

After my reflection, I realized I wanted to give the information away for free online, and a larger audience existed in teaching players how to play Craps instead of teaching dealers how to deal. And so Parlay Nation was born. I've worked long and hard to put this here so everyone can learn how awesome this game is. I want everyone to be good at it. Not only how to play but how to be a good player. The nuances of Craps. The small things that make us dealers look at the players and say "Damn, you're really at this." which doesn't happen often.

Parlay Nation currently stands as a foundation for what I envision it to be. I want to make calculators, simulators, infographics, betting suggestions, test sections, more downloadables, databases of information around the game regarding which casinos have what side bets and odd types, and anything else I can think of. I just want to keep making stuff and I'm going to, and when I release all this stuff I'll be sure to let ya know so don't forget to sign up!

About Me

My name is Elvis and I'm a casino dealer. I deal mostly Craps, sometimes Blackjack, Roulette, and some novelty games. I got into the industry in 2008, a couple of years after casinos in my state opened with slots but not table games. Right after the great poker boom of the early/mid-2000s. Since I loved poker, hated fixing looms that made upholstery, and word on the street was table games were coming soon, I decided to work at the casino.

I started as a cage cashier, refilling and balancing the machines that slot players used to redeem their tickets for cash. In anticipation of table games which was going to come in 2010, I got an out-of-state online poker certification in 2009. Unfortunately, my casino didn't accept it when the time came. Thinking I may be able to use that certification at a different place and time, I decided against getting certified in poker twice and instead got certified in table games. Specifically Craps and Blackjack. I haven't looked back since.

When I'm not teaching people how to play this game at work, every day, sometimes all day, I like to go home and make stuff. I'm learning how to make websites. I built this site. I like making digital stuff using Photoshop and Illustrator. Playing with 3D software. Love my 3D printer. I play with molding and casting real objects. I like the idea of thinking of something and then being able to build it. I also like painting, learning, and getting outside to enjoy a nice day.