Proposition Bets

Straight Up

Straight up bets are one-roll bets. There are four of them and they have a dollar minimum. When betting these numbers straight up you don’t refer to them by their total. They have names: 2 is called “Aces”, 3 is called “Ace Deuce”, the 11 is referred to as “Yo” and 12 is just “Twelve” (nothing special there). When you bet a number straight up, you are saying the number you picked is going to roll on the very next roll.

What do Straight Up Bets Pay

When you bet Straight Up there are two possible payouts. 30:1 and 15:1. The Aces (1-1) and the Twelve (6-6) pay 30:1 or $30 for every $1. The Ace Deuce (1-2) and the Yo (6-5) pay 15:1 or $15 for every $1. The Aces and Twelve pay more because there is only one way to roll each of them while the Ace Deuce and Yo each can be rolled two different ways.

30 to 1 Straight Up Payment

15 to 1 Straight Up Payment

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