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I cannot image the different number of ways you can bet combinations of the combinations of the dice. I imagine it’s going to have dozens of zeros in it and a name that’s too complicated to say so we’ll stick with the most common of those. Multi-Bets are one-roll bets that bet on more than one combination of the dice at the same time such as betting the Aces and the Twelve at the same time or a Hop bet on both 9’s at the same time. This page goes over the most common two, three, and four Multi-Bet combinations that you’ll see other players betting and the ones that make the most sense.

Common Two Number Multi-Bets

There are several common two number combinations that players like to play. You can split most of them. A split is giving an amount of money to the stickperson and telling them to split it between two bets. The minimum you can bet on a split is two dollars because you need at least a dollar on the first bet and a dollar on the second. You cannot split two bets with one dollar because that would be putting fifty cents on each bet and the minimum is $1 per bet.

It’s the highest number (12) and the lowest number (2) you can make with the dice which is why the combination is called High-Low.

“I want a $2 ET” or “I want $1 each eleven twelve”. They’re the same bet and its popular one. Maybe because the movie ET was a cult hit or because 11-12 are consecutive numbers, I don’t know, but people love it.

I kind of feel like this combination of betting the Aces and Ace Deuce is the ugly stepchild of Eleven-Twelve. I think people bet it sometimes because they feel bad for the Ace Deuce. It rarely gets any action and they want to bet more than one number so they put it with Aces. Maybe because it’s got the same word in it…

Not only does it have a good ring to it but when you’re betting the Don’t Pass you can use those two numbers to hedge your bet.

Common Three Number Multi-Bets

There are two bets that include three numbers that have a name. These two bets must be bet in increments of three dollars. If you don’t bet them in a multiple of three then the dealer with either round down in order to make it correct or “No bet” you.

This is betting the 12, the Aces, and the Yo. I think the fact that “High Lo Yo” rhymes has a big deal on why it’s so popular. Most people love the Yo and who doesn’t like the High and the Low, they are the two highest paid bets on the table.

The Three Way Craps is betting the Aces, Ace Deuce, and the Twelve. It is more of a hedge bet. Whenever people bet the Pass Line on the Comeout Roll they lose when any of those three numbers are rolled so it’s not a bad bet when you’re deciding to hedge. The Three Way Craps is similar to the Any Craps because they both bet the same numbers but different in how they are bet. A Three way is betting each of the numbers individually so depending on which one rolls, the payment is different. The Any Crap is betting whether or not any of the three of will come and it pays the same regardless of which rolls.

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