Proposition Bets

Hop Bets

Hop Bets have every combination of the dice not including the Aces, Ace Deuce, Yo, and the Twelve. Like the four Straight Up bets, they are one roll bets and have a dollar minimum. If they aren’t rolled on the very next roll, they lose. There are 17 different possible Hop bets as shown which are the possible combinations of the 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Placement of Hop Bets

When you want to make one of these bets, just throw the bet to the stickperson and tell them how much you want and on which one. I.e. Throw your money to the stickperson and say “I’d like $1 each 6’s hopping” or “ I want a $5 easy four hopping”. The Hop Bet boxes are pretty small since there are so many of them and you probably couldn’t fit more than two or three on the same Hop Bet. The dealers just do what they can and try to remember who’s bets belong to whom.

What do Hop Bets Pay

When you bet a Hop bet there are always two possible payouts. 30:1 and 15:1. All the bets that are pairs pay 30:1 which are: 2-2 (Hard Four), 3-3 (Hard Six), 4-4 (Hard Eight), and 5-5 (Hard Ten). They pay the most on the table because there is only one way to roll each of them. The rest of the combinations pay 15:1 because there are two ways to roll each of them.

30 to 1 Hop Bet Payment

15 to 1 Hop Bet Payment

Hop Bet Terminology

There are several phrases you can use to tell a dealer you want to make a Hop bet.

  • “Hop the …” – “I would like to hop the ____ for $1.” I.e. “I would like to hop the thirty-two for $1.”
  • “Hopping …” – “I would like a hopping ____ for $1.” I.e. “I would like a hopping hard eight for $1.”
  • “… On the Hop” – “I would like ____ on the Hop for a $1.” I.e. “I would like the sixty-four on the Hop for a $1.”

For Any and All Hop Bets – You can refer to all of the Hop bets as if they were a two-digit number. I.e. if you wanted to bet a hop bet on the 5, specifically the 3-2 combination, you could tell the dealer “I would like thirty-two on the hop for $1”. When making a bet using a two-digit number you must make the bet using the larger number first: 6-4 would be said as “Sixty-four” as oppose to “Forty-six”.

Hardways – Since there are only 4 possible Hop bets that can come the hard way, you only need to tell the dealer which Hardway you would like: “I would like a hopping hard 6 for $1”

Easy 4’s and 10’s – There are two different Hop bets for each the 4 and the 10, a hard one and an easy one. When choosing the easy one you need only tell the dealer “I would like to hop the easy 10 for $1”. This doesn’t apply to the 5’s, 7’s, and 9’s because they are odd numbers and can’t come easy or hard. It also cannot apply to 6 or 8 because for each, when they come easy, there are two possible combinations so you would have to be specific on which combination you wanted.

Common Hop Multi-Bets

Since there are 17 different Hop Bets you can bet there are a lot of ways to bet them together but for the most part players stick to these most common ones.

2 Number Hop Bets

There are 2 combinations for each the 4, 5, 9, and 10 so for $2 you can tell the dealers “I would like to hop the 4’s (or 5’s, or 9’s, or 10’s) for $1 each ($2 total)”.

3 Number Hop Bets

There are 3 combinations for each the 6, 7, and 8 so for $3 you can tell the dealers “I would like 6’s (or 7’s, or 8’s) on the hop for $1 each ($3 total)”.

4 Number Hop Bet

There are four different hopping hardways so you can tell the dealer “I would like the hopping hardways for $1 each ($4 total)”.

Betting the Hops for the Dealers

You can always bet the Hops for the dealers by throwing the money to the Stickperson and telling them which number(s) you would like to Hop for the dealers.

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Place Bets

Hop Bets

There are four Outside Points: 4, 5, 9, and 10. When you bet Outside you are betting all the Outside Points, in the same unit amount, not including the Point. For example, if the Point was 8 and you wanted to bet $10 on each of the numbers, you would have to bet the following: $10 on the 4, $10 on the 5, $10 on the 9, and $10 on the 10 — $10 + $10 + $10 + $10 = $40. This bet would be 40 Outside. After the Point has been established, you tell the dealer, “I would like 40 outside” and they’ll repeat “40 outside.” Betting Outside are for those who like high risk, high reward. Going Outside is cheaper than Across but not as safe as betting Inside. 4’s and 10’s are hard to hit but when they do, they pay handsomely.

Outside without Commission

When you bet Outside at lower limits you don’t have to worry about commission because you’re not betting large enough that a vig needs to be charged. The bets on each number are also the same since you are not betting the 6 or 8. The only difference is if you’re betting three or four numbers.

Point 6 or 8

When the Point is 6 or 8 you are betting all four Outside numbers. This is when the cost is going to be the most.

Point 4, 5, 9, or 10

When the Point is 4, 5, 9, or 10 you will only be betting three out of the four possible Outside bets so the cost will be less.

Outside with Commission

When you start to bet Outside at higher limits you will have to include the cost of the vig. This will cause three different possible bets depending on what the Point is.

Point 6 or 8

Outside bets are most expensive when the Point is 6 or 8 because you have to bet all four Outside bets. You need to pay commission for both the 4 and 10.

Point 5 or 9

When the Point is 5 or 9 you only need to bet three out of the four Outside bets and pay commission for both the 4 and 10. These are your second most expensive Outside bets.

Point 4 or 10

The least expensive Outside bet is when the Point is 4 or 10. You only need to bet three out of the four Outside bets and you only need to pay commission for either the 4 or the 10, not both.