Proposition Bets

C & E

The C & E is a one-roll bet and a combination of two bets. The “C” stands for the Any Crap, which is betting the Aces, Ace Deuce, and the 12. The “E” stands for the Eleven, or “Yo”. You can bet the C & E as a split (one dollar amount split evenly between both the C and the E) or individually ( a different amount on each the C and the E). There is a $2 minimum when splitting the C & E because you need at least $1 on the “C” and $1 on the “E”. Splitting and betting individually can result in different payout even if the total amount bet is the same because it’s all contingent on how much you have on each the C and the E.

Placement of the C & E

There are usually enough spots of the C & E for every player on the table. They are also not confined to a box so there’s plenty of space to place the bets. Placements of the C & E’s are relative to your spot on the table.

What does the C & E Pay

Splitting – There are two payouts possible when splitting the C & E. If any of the Craps roll (2, 3, or 12) the payout will be 3x the bet. I.e. a $5 C & E will pay 3 x 5 or $15. If the Yo rolls (11) the payout will be 7x the bet. I.e. a $5 C & E will pay 7 x 5 or $35.

Example 1

Example 2

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