Proposition Bets

Any Craps

The Any Craps is a one-roll bet and mainly used to hedge bets. You can use it to hedge the Pass Line during the Comeout Roll or while making a Come bet. It’s similar to a <a href=”#”><u>Three Way Crap</u></a> because they both bet the Aces, Ace Deuce, and Twelve. The difference lies in the fact the Three Way Crap bets the three numbers individually and pays differently based on what rolls. The Any Craps bet all three of them together and pays the same regardless of which rolls.

Placement of the Any Craps

Just like the Placement of the Any 7, The Any Craps is a bar in the middle of the table. The center of the bar is the middle of the table and the edges of the bar are the two bases. Everything in between the center and the edge is a different spot on the table.

What does the Any Craps Pay

The Any Craps pay 7:1 or $7 for every $1.

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