Proposition Bets

Any 7

The Any 7 is a one-roll bet and more for Don’t players. You only want it during the Comeout Roll when you’re on the Pass Line but the majority of the game is during the Intermediate Roll, when the puck is ON, and when the 7 kills everyone. Don’t players use it in the hopes of bringing out the 7 or to hedge their bets.

Placement of the Any 7

The Any 7 is a bar across the middle of the table. The bar is split into a left and right side of the table. The center of the bar is the middle of the table and the edges of the bar are the two bases. Everything in between the center and the edge is a different spot on the table.

What does the Any 7 Pay

The Any 7 pays 4:1 or $4 for every $1.

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