Proposition Bets

Proposition Basics

Proposition Bets are the fastest way to turn a little into a lot… and there are a ton of them so it’s easy to get confused. This page is going to give you a rundown of the most common and easy to understand Proposition Bets, how to bet them, and what they win.

Giving Bets to the Stickperson

Almost all Proposition bets are in the middle of the table so you give the money to the Stickperson and they will set up the bet. You do not set up your own center bets. Tell the Stickperson how much you are betting and which bet you want then throw the money into the middle of the table. You should really make eye contact with the Stickperson so they know it is you making the bet. Even if they hear your bet and see the money come in, they can’t be 100% sure it came from you. If the Stickperson is looking at you then they can make an attempt to catch the money as you’re throwing it in. Having a ton of money thrown in at the same time from different players, not knowing whose is whose, and chasing chips as they roll down the table is the last thing a dealer wants to put up with. Your bets should also be repeated to you by at least one of the dealers! You want to hear it from the Stickperson because they are the one setting up the bet but if they are busy with other players then the base dealer should repeat it. If the dice are out and the Stickpersons back is turned to you then you must tell the base dealer. If no one repeats your bet you need to say it again! If your bet is not repeated to you then it isn’t a bet.

One Roll Bets

A One-Roll bet is a bet that must win the very next roll or it loses. They are like shots in the dark because you are trying to predict how the dice will land on the very next roll. You’re allowed to bet less than the table minimum on most one-roll bets because the odds of them winning are slim and over time the expected loss for a player is much higher than they will ever win. If you happen to be getting lucky, one-roll bets can make you a fortune.

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