Place Bets

Your Money

Pay Attention to Your Money! Craps seems to be the only game where even seasoned players don’t know where their money is. When a craps game is blowing up, it’s moving fast, and there are a ton of players making multiple bets it’s easy to understand that a dealer might make a mistake. At the same time when a table only has two or three players on it, some dealers will become so nonchalant about it that they don’t pay attention at all. Learn what to watch for as the game moves along.

Bet Cost and Change

To begin with, know how much your bets cost. If you don’t know how much your bets cost then you can never know how much change you’re supposed to receive. Dealers will make mistakes, and if you’re not paying attention it’s very possible you will get back the wrong amount of money. It could be too much… it could be not enough… You should give back money if you know they gave you extra. It’s technically stealing. If they didn’t give you enough back then you’re being robbed. The best way to win an argument with a dealer and/or Boxperson is to know how much the bet cost, how much money you gave dealer and how much change you received.

Your Bets are in the Correct Spot

Make sure your bets are being put in the correct spot on the layout. If the dealer puts your bet in someone else’s spot, when it’s time to get paid they’ll be paying the wrong person. You will even have players try to take advantage of these mistakes by claiming those bets belonged to them and arguing that it wasn’t your bet to begin with.

Your Bets are in the Correct Numbers

You also need to make sure the dealer is putting your bets on the correct number. Even if the dealer heard what your bet was and repeated it back to you, they could very easily put that bet on a wrong number. Watch the dealer as they set up your bets to make sure there aren’t problems in the future.

Your Presses

When you bet Place Bets, the only substantial way to make money is to press them but you need to make sure they are being pressed correctly. That means making sure the dealer is pressing your bet and not someone else’s. It also means they are pressing it the correct amount of money. If you wanted to go up One Unit and the dealer presses it up by Two Units, you are betting more money on the next roll than you wanted. If a 7 is rolled then you lost more than you should of. On the flip side, you could win more money than you thought. Either way you should know how much money you are risking at all times.

Your Payments

You should know what your bets pay. If you don’t know how much you should be winning then how do you know if you’re being shorted? Trusting the dealer is fine but dealers make mistakes and you need to make sure you don’t fall victim to one of those mistakes. The amount of the payment (the $ total) is important but the payment itself (the actual chips) is more important. The dealer should be placing your payment right in front of you but if it’s placed in an area between you and another player there is a chance the other player can think it belonged to them. It would be an honest mistake but the game will continue nonetheless if you’re not paying attention.

Eye on the Rail

The rail is where you put your money. It’s one of the few places on the craps table that is not the responsibility of the dealers. Their job is to handle what’s happening on the layout and to take bets. It is your responsibility to watch your own money. Many old timers hold chips in their hands or have their arms over their chips because the rail is where it would be easiest to steal. If you lean over the table to pick up a bet it wouldn’t be hard for a player standing next to you to try and slip their hand under your belly and grab a few chips. All people are not honest so keep an eye on your money.