Place Bets

Betting Basics

After a Point has been established, you can begin to bet Place bets. You put money on any number of 6 different Points: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. Placing a Point is betting it will roll before a 7. If the 7 rolls, it loses. A Place Bet is not a contract bet so you can take it back at any time. You can also add to and remove from the bet as much money as you want at any time.

Put Money in the Come

After the Point is established it’s time to make Place Bets. They are first come- first serve so have your money ready and put your money in the Come area. If you don’t put your money in the Come area there is a chance it will be assumed to be a different bet or no bet at all.

Where Not to Put Your Money

If you happen to be in the corner of the table next to the base dealer, do not drop your money next to their working stacks. A lot of chips tend to fall off those stacks and if your money is sitting next to those stacks a dealer might think it fell off and they’ll just pick it up.

Placement of Place Bets

Every player has a spot for their Place Bets so the every dealer knows which bets belong to whom. Each number has four spots in front and four spots behind it to represent possible eight players. Your placement is based on where your money is in the rail.

What does a Place Bet Pay

Like a lot of other bets on the table, you must bet Place Bets in certain increments and they pay differently depending on which number you’re betting.

6 and 8's win 7:6

Every $6 you bet wins $7 when you Place the 6 or 8 so you must bet in increments of six. Such as $6, $12, $18, $24, 30, and any other bet that is a multiple of six.

5 and 9's win 7:5

Every $5 you bet wins $7 when you Place the 5 or 9 so you must bet in increments of five. $5, $10, $25, $50, and any other multiple of five would be considered a valid bet.

4 and 10's win 9:5

When you Place the 4 and 10 you must also bet in increments of five because every $5 gets $9. $5, $10, and $15 are good on the 4 and 10. Once you get to $20 on the 4 or 10 you’re going to want to Buy them. When you Buy a number you pay a vigorish to get True Odds, so the 4 and 10 would get paid 2:1 or every $5 would get $10.

Proper Terms for Betting Place Bets

There are many ways to bet a Place Bet or multiple Place Bets. There are terms that are considered proper when making bets. Learning these terms will make the game move along at a much smoother pace and reduce confusion for everyone.

  • “Place” – When you bet a Place Bet you tell the base dealer to “place” that number. For example, if you want to bet $10 on the 5, you drop $10 on the table and say “ I would like to ‘place’ the 5 for ten dollars”. The dealer should repeat “Ten dollar 5”.
  • “Each” – The term “each” is used when you are betting the same amount on two numbers. Only use it when you’re betting two Place Bets that could be the same amount. 6 and 8 are bet in $6 increments. If you wanted $6 on both the 6 and 8 you would say “Six each 6 and 8”. The 4, 5, 9, and 10 are all bet in $5 increments. If you wanted $10 on both the 4 and 10, you would tell the dealer “Ten each 4 and 10”.
  • “Buy” – When you use the term “buy”, you are betting a Place Bet that is being paid True Odds. A commission is involved and is usually paid when you make the bet, although, some casinos will charge the commission only after the bet has won.
  • “Across”, “Inside”, “Outside” – These terms are used when you’re betting three or more numbers at the same time. When using these terms, you do not include the point. These are known as Spread Bets.
  • “Across including the point” – This is used when you are betting all six Place Bet numbers at the same time. People who use this usually won’t be betting the Pass Line, which is why they are including the point as part of their Place Bets. This is a Spread Bet.

Betting Place Bets for the Dealers

You’re allowed to bet Place Bets for the dealers. When you do the dealer will put that bet in the middle of the number representing that it is a bet for the dealer. The amount that gets paid for the dealers differs in certain situations. All casinos and box persons and rules are different and may be applied differently but this is how I generally understand it.

6's and 8's

Anything bet for the dealers that is under $6 will get paid even money. So $1 wins $1, $2 wins $2, all the way up to $5 wins $5. Once you get to $6 it is considered a proper Place Bet and will win $7. We don’t expect you guys to bet $6 for us on a 6 or 8 but if you see other players betting them for us and you notice it happens to have $5 on it, it would be cool if you threw in that $1 so it turned into $6 winning $7 instead of the $5 winning even money.

5's and 9's

Bets under $5 for the dealers on the 5 and 9 are better if you keep them in even increments. If you bet $1 (odd number) it will win even money. If you bet $2 (even number), the dealers would get True Odds (3:2) so the $2 would win $3. If you bet $3 it would win $4 (1 wins 1 and 2 wins 3). If you bet $4 the dealers would get True Odds again (3:2) so the $4 would win $6. Once you get to $5 it is considered a proper Place Bet and $5 would win $7. If you see a dollar on the 5 for the dealers and you’re considering betting a dollar for them, don’t put it on a 6, 8, or 9. If you put it on the 9 and both the 5 and 9 rolled, the dealers would win even money twice for a total of $4. If you added it to the dollar on the 5, the $2 would win $3 for a total of $5 netting the dealers an extra dollar.

4's and 10's

It’s almost better for players to keep the total on the 4 and 10 under $5. Bets under $5 win True Odds (2:1) so $1, $2, $3, and $4 would all win double if they won. Once we got to $5 on the 4 and 10 it would be considered a proper Place Bet and $5 would win $9, not double. If you happen to see $4 on the 10 for the dealers, don’t add a dollar to it so it becomes a proper Place Bet. Put that dollar on the 4 so it gets double instead.