Pass Line

Pass Line Odds

After a point has been established, you are allowed to place a bet called Odds. This bet is placed directly behind your Pass Line bet and it is also betting that the Point will be rolled before the 7. You cannot make the Odds bet unless you have made a Pass Line bet. The wonderful thing about the Odds bet is the fact that THE CASINO HAS ZERO ADVANTAGE. It is one of four bets in a casino that doesn’t have an advantage for the casino. (The other three are: Odds on a Come Bet, Lay Odds on the Don’t Pass, and Lay Odds on a Don’t Come) You always want to make this bet. If you do not plan on making this bet then do not bet the Pass Line. Odds are not contract so you can pick them up at any time.

Placement of Pass Line Odds

Odds for the Pass Line are put directly behind the Pass Line bet. You should leave about two inches between the two bets. At the very least you need to leave enough room to let the dice land between each bet.

What do Pass Line Odds Pay

Odds for the Pass Line pay differently depending on what the Point is. They pay what are called True Odds. True Odds are different for each Point, which is why you must bet Odds differently for each of those Points.

Pays 6:5 on the 6 and 8

When you add Odds to a Place Bet on the 6 or 8, you must bet in increments of $5. $5, $10, $15, etc. Every $5 you bet as Odds for a Pass Line bet on the 6 or 8 gets paid $6. Otherwise known as 6:5 which is read “6 to 5” or you can think of it as 6 for every 5. If you bet an improper amount such as $6 Odds, the dealer will hand back the extra dollar and tell you it must be in increments of $5.

Example 1

Example 2

Pays 3:2 on the 5 and 9

You must add even Odds on the 5 and 9. This means anything that’s an even number such as $2, $4, $10, $30, etc., could be used. Every $2 you bet as Odds gets paid $3. This is known as 3:2 which is read “3 to 2” or 3 for every 2. You could also think of this as 1 and ½ times your bet or a Blackjack. When you bet an odd number such as $5 Odds, the bet will get paid 1 and ½ times the bet or $7.50. There are no $0.50 or $2.50 chips on a Craps table so your bet will be rounded down and you will be paid $7. The casino makes $0.50 off your improper bet. This is giving money to the casino and not recommended.

Example 1

Example 2

Pays 2:1 on the 4 and 10

Odds on the 4 and 10 can be any amount. Regardless of what you bet, the amount you will win be double or 2:1 which is read “2 to 1” or you can think of it as 2 for every 1. $3 Odds will win $6. $20 odds will win $40.

Example 1

Example 2

Betting the Pass Line with Odds for the Dealers

If you make a Pass Line bet for the dealers you can also add Odds to it. Just like a players Pass Line bet, there is also a maximum amount of Odds you can add to a dealers Pass Line bet that is determined by each casino. The Pass Line bet gets paid even money and the Odds accordingly.