Pass Line

Pass Line Basics

The Pass Line should be the first bet you learn in Craps. Learning the Pass Line teaches the flow of the game. You learn how a Point is made and how the table wins and loses. When you put money on the Pass Line you are betting with the Shooter. You, the Shooter, and everyone else at the table on the Pass Line win and lose together. The Pass Line is a Contract Bet so after a Point is established, you cannot pick it up. Even if you come down on the Pass Line after a Point has been made, it becomes a contract bet.

Two Stages of the Pass Line

Stage One - The Comeout Roll

There are two stages to the Pass Line. The first stage is during the Comeout Roll, before the Point is established. The Pass Line wins when 7 or 11 are rolled and it loses when a 2, 3, or 12 are rolled. You’re twice as likely to win on the Pass Line than lose because it wins when the 7 is rolled and 7 is the most commonly rolled number along with the Yo. If you don’t win or lose during the Comeout Roll, the Shooter will establish a Point.

Stage Two - The Intermediate Roll

The second stage of the Pass Line is after a Point has been established. This is the Intermediate Roll and the Shooter must roll their Point before the 7 in order to win. If they roll the 7 before the Point, the Pass Line loses. If the shooter makes their Point the puck will be turned OFF and a new Comeout Roll will begin. The same shooter will establish another point and try to win again. If the Shooter doesn’t make their Point the puck will be turned OFF and the dice will be passed to the next shooter.

Placement of the Pass Line

When you make a Pass Line bet you put your money right in front of where you are standing in the bar labeled “Pass Line”.

What Does the Pass Line Pay

Whether it’s the Comeout Roll or the Shooter has made their Point, the Pass Line is going to win even money.

During Comeout Roll

When Point Rolls

Betting the Pass Line After the Comeout Roll

In some casinos, you can only bet the Pass Line during the Comeout Roll. In others you can make or add to it at any time. The only reason to add to the Pass Line after a point has been established is to increase the amount of Odds you have behind it. You really don’t want to bet the Pass Line after a point has been made because you would have missed the Comeout Roll. It was your chance to win on the 7 and gain some advantage back from the house so just wait until the next Comeout Roll to bet the Pass Line. Even though betting the Pass Line has advantage on the Comeout Roll, you should put the minimum on it. If you want to win more money from the casino, use that extra money as Odds behind your Pass Line. The only reason you should bet the Pass Line is so you can make the Odds bet or so you can shoot the dice.

Betting the Pass Line for the Dealers

Putting the dealers on the Pass Line is common. The players and dealers win and lose together. Just like a players bet, a dealers Pass Line bet is a Contract Bet so once a Point is established a dealers’ Pass Line bet must stay there until a decision has been made.