The Dont's

Don’t Pass

For the most part, the Don’t Pass is the complete opposite of the Pass Line. Where the Pass Line wins, the Don’t Pass loses and vice versa. You can only bet the Don’t Pass during the Comeout Roll because after the Comeout Roll the Don’t Pass is most likely to win and the casinos would never give you that advantage. The minimum bet on the Don’t Pass is the table minimum and it’s not a contract bet so you can pick it up at any time but once picked up you cannot put it back down.

Two Stages of the Don't Pass

Stage One - The Comeout Roll

There are two stages to the Don’t Pass. The first stage is during the Comeout Roll, before the Point is established. During the Comeout Roll the Don’t Pass Line wins when 2 or 3 are rolled. It loses if a 7 or Eleven are rolled, and if the 12 rolls it’s a push, it doesn’t win or lose. The Comeout Roll is where the casino makes its money on the Don’t Pass because once a Point is established the Don’t Pass has advantage over the house. 12 pushes during the Comeout Roll so people can’t just bet the Pass and the Don’t Pass all night without winning or losing and expect to get a comp based on their play.

Stage Two - The Intermediate Roll

The second stage is the Intermediate Roll, after the Point is established. During the Intermediate Roll the Don’t Pass is betting that the 7 will roll before the Point is rolled. If the 7 rolls before the Point the Don’t Pass wins. If the Point rolls before the 7 the Don’t Pass loses.

Placement of the Don't Pass

You place a Don’t Pass bet in the Don’t Pass area relevant to where you are on the table.

What does the Don't Pass Pay

Regardless of where you are in the game, the Don’t Pass will always win even money.

Betting a Don't Pass for the Dealers

You can make a Don’t Pass bet for the dealers in any amount. Like players, it must be done during the Comeout Roll. You do not need to make the bet yourself in order to bet the Don’t Pass for the dealers but if you do you can put it right next to your bet.

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