The Dont's

Don’t Come

You can think of the Don’t Come (DC) as small Don’t Pass Bets because they work the same way. They win and lose on the same numbers, and just like the Don’t Pass, after a Point is rolled, it is betting against that Point. The Don’t Come moves behind the Point and you can then Lay Odds. You can only make a Don’t Come Bet during the Intermediate Roll, never during the Comeout Roll.

Two Stages of a Don't Come Bet

Stage One - In the Don't Come

The first stage of a Don’t Come Bet is the initial bet. This is when you place your bet in the Don’t Come area and wait for a Point to be rolled. While in the Don’t Come the bet wins when the 2 or 3 are rolled. The Don’t Come loses when the 7 or 11 are rolled. If the 12 rolls the Don’t Come is a push, it doesn’t win or lose. Any other number that rolls must be a Point and the Don’t Come bet moves behind that Point. Being in the Don’t Come is a dangerous position to be in because it loses to a 7, which is the most commonly rolled number.

Stage Two - Behind a Point

The second stage of a Don’t Come Bet is after a Point has rolled and it moves behind that Point. The Don’t Come is then betting the 7 will be rolled before the Point it is behind. If the Point rolls, your Don’t Come Bet loses. Once behind a Point, the Don’t Come bet has the advantage because it wins on a 7 which is the most commonly rolled number. Regardless of which Point you move behind, you shouldn’t take it back.

Placing a Don't Come Bet

Don’t Come bets are self-service meaning you must put the money in the Don’t Come area yourself. If the bet wins while in the Don’t Come area, it is your responsibility to pick up your winnings. You do not need to tell the Dealer you are making the bet but would be a courtesy to let them know that it belongs to you.

Placement of a Don't Come Bet Behind a Point

The boxes behind Points aren’t big enough to hold bets for eight players. Most of the time you wouldn’t have more than three or four Don’t players at any given time so it’s usually not a problem but there is still a general rule for where players bets are supposed to be placed.

No Action

Some players don’t like their Don’t Come Bets to move behind certain Points, specifically the 6 or the 8, because those two are the most commonly rolled Points and players think they’re likely to lose their bet. If a player doesn’t want a Don’t Come Bet to move behind a Point they can say “No Action”. This means that even if a Point is rolled, they don’t want their Don’t Come Bet to move behind that Point and they want it to stay in the Don’t Come. They are allowed to do this because none of the “Don’t” bets are contract bets. If that bet moved behind a Point they could take it down and put it back in the Don’t Come. Saying “No Action” is used to save the time of the dealer moving the Don’t Come Bet behind the Point and then moving it back to the Don’t Come when a player doesn’t want it there.

What Does a Don't Come Bet Pay

Regardless of weather or not a Don’t Come Bet is in the DC area or behind a Point, it’s going to win even money.

Don't Come Bets are Always Working

Once behind a Point, the Don’t Come is always betting against that Point. You cannot turn it “Off”. Even if a new Comeout Roll begins the Don’t Come still wants a 7 to roll before the Point that it is behind. If you don’t want you Don’t Come Bet behind a certain Point because you think it may roll, your only option is to take it back.

Betting a Don't Come for the Dealers

You can make a Don’t Come Bet for the dealers just like the any of the other bets. There is no minimum to the amount of money you need to play for the dealers. You only need to place it in the Don’t Come area and let the dealer know you are making a Don’t Come Bet for them. If a dealer sees a dollar sitting in the Don’t Come, they’re usually not going to assume it’s a bet for them.

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