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The Dont's

Don’t Pass Lay Odds

Just like the Pass Line, after the Point has been established, you are allowed to make an Odds bet but there is a big difference between the two. On the Pass Line you “Take Odds”, and you bet them to win more. On the Don’t Pass you “Lay Odds” and bet more to win less because you’re more likely to win. You cannot Lay Odds unless you have a Don’t Pass bet. Lay Odds have zero advantage for the casino.

No Advantage for the Casino

Lay Odds for the Don’t Pass have zero advantage for the casino. Even though this bet has zero advantage for the casino, many people don’t like to bet it because you have to bet more in order to win less. After a Point has been made the Don’t Pass and its Lay Odds are more likely to win than the Point because it wins on a 7 and a 7 is more likely to roll than any other number. This is why you have to bet more to win less.

Placement of Don't Pass Lay Odds

Lay Odds on the Don’t Pass go right next to your Don’t Pass bet on the side that’s closest to the base dealer. They aren’t stacked straight up like Odds on the Pass line. They are heeled off which make it look like they are at an angle and you should heel them off in the direction towards the base dealer. You can add to and take away from your Lay Odds at any time. Lay Odds are not contract.

What do Lay Odds Pay on the Don't Pass

Lay Odds on the Don’t Pass pay differently depending on what the Point is. The Point also determines the dollar amount you should be Laying for that Point. You Lay the 6 and 8 in multiples of 6, the 5 and 9 in multiples of 3, and the 4 and 10 in multiples of 2. These multiples were created based on the number of ways the bet can lose compared to the number of way they can win.

Pays 5:6 on the 6 and 8

The Don’t Pass and its Lay Odds lose when the Point is rolled, and there are 5 ways to roll the 6 or 8. You win when the 7 rolls and there are 6 ways to roll a 7. There are 5 ways to lose and 6 ways to win. It’s written 5:6 and read “5 to 6” or you win “$5 for every $6”. This means that you can only make the Lay Odds bet in multiples of six. If you make your Lay Odds Bet in anything other than a multiple of 6 then whatever extra is on the bet will be handed back to you and the dealer will only pay you on what is proper.

Pays 2:3 on the 5 and 9

There are 4 ways to roll the 5 or 9, which is how the Don’t Pass and its Lay Odds lose. There are 6 ways to roll the 7, which is how it wins. That makes 4 ways to win and 6 ways to lose which is written 4:6 and then reduced to 2:3. You read it as “2 to 3” or you win “$2 for every $3”. Lay Odds on the 5 and 9 must be made in multiples of 3. If you made your Lay Odds anything other than a multiple of three, the dealer will hand the extra back and only pay you for what is proper.

Pays 1:2 on the 4 and 10

The Don’t Pass and its Lay Odds lose when the Point is rolled and there are 3 ways to make both the 4 and 10. There are 6 ways to roll the 7 therefore 6 ways to win. 3 ways to lose and 6 ways to win which is written 3:6 then reduced to 1:2. It’s spoken as “1 to 2” and when you think about getting paid for your Lay Odds, its “$1 for every $2”. If you bet Lay Odds on the 4 and 10 you must bet them in multiples of 2 or anything that’s even. If you make the bet an odd number and win the dealer will round down to even, give you the extra dollar back and pay you on the proper amount.

Max Lay Odds for the Don't Pass

No matter what Point you are Laying Odds on, the maximum allowed is always going to be 6 times the Don’t Pass bet. The casino has no advantage with this bet so there must be a limit and it’s a flat rate across all the numbers.

Betting Lay Odds for the Dealers

You can add Lay Odds to a dealers Don’t Pass bet in the same way you add Lay Odds to your own Don’t Pass bet. The same rules apply to betting them in a proper amount. If you don’t bet the proper amount as Lay Odds then the bet will be rounded down therefore giving money back to the casino. Even the dealers don’t like that.


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