People love to bet the Horn and the Horn Highs during the Comeout Roll. It’s a one-roll bet and the payoffs can be pretty good but, like most other bets, it falls prey to a roll of the 7. This is where the World, aka Whirl, comes into play. The World is a combination of a Horn and an Any 7. By betting the Any 7 as part of the World, you offset losing when a 7 rolls.

  Pays Wins Loses
High Side 26:1 2 or 12 Any other #
Low Side 11:1 3 or 11
All payments are in terms of a nickel on the World
  • The World is a one roll bet

A $5 World

The World needs to be bet in increments of five-dollars. A $5 World is a $1 on each the Aces, Ace Deuce, Yo, Twelve and the Any 7. The minimum is five-dollars because you must put at least $1 on those five bets. You can also consider a $5 World to be a $4 Horn with $1 on the Any 7.

$5 World

Placement of a World

I would say that the majority of Craps tables don’t have a picture of the World on them. The World is more of a bet that dealer and players know by heart. Example 2 shows one of the other ways I've seen a world set up on a table without the globe image.

Example 1
Placement of a World a
Example 2
Placement of a World b

What does the World Pay

Like all other Mulit-Bets, the World pays differently depending on what rolls. There are three options: the 7 rolls, the high side rolls (2, 12), or the low side rolls (3, 11).

Seven Rolls

When the 7 rolls the World is a push; it does not win or lose. It’s a push because the dollar bet on the Any Seven wins four dollars, and that four dollars pays for the rest of the losing bets in the World: the Aces, Ace Deuce, Yo and Twelve.

$5 World - Seven Rolls

Betting the World for the Dealers

Ideally, multiples of $5 would be best for the dealers. Anything less would be an improper bet than requires some odd math for the dealers and ends up getting rounded down.

Dealer World

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