C & E

The C & E is a combination of two bets. The 'C' is the Any Craps: Aces, Ace Deuce, 12. The 'E' stands for Eleven, or the “Yo”. You can bet it as a split (both at the same time) or individually ( a different amount on each the C and the E). which can result in different payouts

There is a $2 minimum when splitting the C & E because you need at least $1 on the “C” and $1 on the “E”.

C & E
  Pays Wins Loses
C - Any Craps 7:1 2, 3, 12 Any other #
E - Eleven 15:1 11
C & E Split
Crap Rolls 3:1 2, 3, 12 Any other #
Eleven Rolls 7:1 11
  • C & E's are one roll bets
C & E

Placement of the C & E

There are usually enough spots of the C & E for every player on the table. They are also not confined to a box so there’s plenty of space to place the bets. Placements of the C & E’s are relative to your spot on the table.

Placement of the C & E

What does the C & E Pay

Splitting – There are two payouts possible when splitting the C & E. If any of the Craps roll (2, 3, or 12) the payout will be 3x the bet. E.g. a $5 C & E will pay 3 x 5 or $15. If the Yo rolls (11) the payout will be 7x the bet.

$5 C & E Split
$5 C and E Split

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