When you bet Across, you are betting all the Place bets, in the same unit amount, not including the Point. E.g. $54 Across would be: $10 on the 5, $12 on 6, $12 on the 8, $10 on the 9, and $10 on the 10. $10 + $12 + $12 + $10 + $10 = $54. After the Point has been established tell the dealer, “I would like 54 across.” and they’ll repeat “54 across.”

Betting across gets expensive. If you have $10 on the Pass Line with Max Odds ($50) then bet $52 across, and the shooter has a Point 7, you never had a chance to collect any money. You just lost $112 in two rolls of the dice.

Numbers Included: All Numbers except Point
Common Across Bets
One Unit: $5/number $26/27 Across
Two Units: $10/number $52/54 Across
Three Units: $15/number $78/81 Across
One Unit: $25/number $132/136/137 Across
Two Units: $25/number $265/272/275 Across
Spread Bets - Across

Across without Commission

When you bet Across at lower limits there are going to be two different options you can take: when the Point is 6 or 8 and when the Point is 4, 5, 9, or 10. Because all the numbers aren’t bet in the same amounts, the amount changes based on what the Point is.

Point 6 or 8

When the Point is 6 or 8 the amount of your bet across is going to be less. This is because it costs more to bet on the 6 or 8 and the fact that it is the Point and you are not betting it, the total cost of the bet is going to be less.

$52 Across

Across w/ Commission

Whenever you bet Across large enough that you are going to have to buy the 4 and/or 10, the cost of the bet goes up again because you need to include the commission needed to be paid on those numbers

Point 6 or 8

When the Point is 6 or 8 the cost of your bet will be the smallest because you’re saving money on the fact the 6 and 8 cost more and you wont have to pay for one of them. You will also be buying the 4 and 10, which means you have to pay commission for both of those numbers and you need to add those costs in.

$132 Across

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