Spread Bets

Spread Bets

Betting multiple Place bets at a time

Don't be a string bettor! Help make the game run smoother and look like a pro using spread bets.

Pass Line Basics


When your betting the Pass Line and you still want to bet all the numbers

Pass Line Odds


These would be the most commonly rolled numbers and for those who would like a little safer action.

Max Odds on the Pass Line


Outside numbers are harder to hit but they pay the better than the inside. These bettors enjoy a little more bang for their buck

Pass Line Basics

Uptown and Downtown

Betting the opposite side of the point, Up and Downtown get a variety of bets without too much exposure.

Pass Line Odds

Including the Point

If you don't have a Pass Line but but still want a vested interest in the Point? Include it in your spread bet.

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