Max Odds on the Pass Line

Odds on the Pass Line have no house advantage. For this reason, casinos put a limit on the amount you can add as odds. The limit changes from casino to casino but is based on the amount of your Pass Line bet.

Max Odds on the Pass Line

3x 4x 5x Odds

3-4-5 is standard in many casinos. This means the max odds that you can bet on the Pass Line are 3x (your Pass Line bet) on the 4 and 10, 4x (your Pass Line bet) on the 5 and 9, and 5x (your Pass Line bet) on the 6 and 8.

No matter what Point is, if it has Max Odds using 3x 4x 5x, the total payout is going to be 7x your Pass Line Bet. E.g. if you have a Pass Line bet of $5, the total payout of the Odds and the Pass Line is going to be $35 (7 x $5).

5x on the 6 and 8

When the Point is 6 or 8 you’re able to bet up to 5 times your Pass Line bet. The max on $10 would be $50 and the payout would be 7 times the Pass Line bet ($10) or $70. $50 Odds win $60 (6:5) and $10 Pass wins even money.

5x Pass Line
5x Max Odds on the 6 and 8

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