An Overlay is when you bet directly against a Point. Unlike the Don’t Pass or Don’t Come, where the dice determines the Point, you get to pick which Point you want to bet against. The dealer will put your Overlay behind the Point you picked and put a lammer on it that says 'Lay'. You get paid True Odds for an Overlay but must pay a commission. Once you have decided to Overlay a Point, you win when the 7 is rolled and lose if that Point is rolled.

  Pays Wins Loses
Overlay 6 or 8 5:6 7 When point rolls
Overlay 5 or 9 2:3
Overlay 4 or 10 1:2
All bets have a 5% commission on winnings
  • Overlays are not contract bets
  • You cannot turn OFF Overlays

5% Commission on the winnings of an Overlay

Overlays get paid True Odds, which have no advantage for a casino, so they charge a 5% Commission on how much your bet wins. This is different from the 'buy' which charges a 5% commission on the bet itself, not its winnings. For every $20 you would win on your Overlay you pay $1 for commission.

How to bet an Overlay

When you want to make an Overlay you say it using the term "No    (Point)   " and you add the cost of commission in with the bet. E.g. If you want to Overlay the 10 for $40 + $1 commission, you'd say "Can I have a $41 No 10?”, If you wanted to Overlay the 5, you could say “$31 No 5”. You should know how much you want to bet including the Vig.

How to Bet an Overlay

Placement of Overlays

Like most other bets on the Dont's, Overlays are put behind the Point they are betting against. To distinguish an Overlay from a Don’t Come bet, the dealers put a lammer on top of the bet that says 'Lay'. This tells you, the boxperson, and any other dealer that the bet is not a Don’t Come Bet but an Overlay. Overlays are placed in a general area behind each Point relative to the players place on the table.

Placement of Overlays

What Does an Overlay Pay

An Overlay pays True Odds but you need to pay a commission in order to make the bet. Because they are True Odds you need to bet them in correct increments and while making the bet include the commission that you’ll be paying.

You Must Pay a 5% Commission on it's Winnings

Overlays are essentially the opposite of a Buy on a Place Bet. Where you pay a 5% Commission on the amount of a Buy on a Place Bet, for an Overlay, you pay 5% Commission on what that Overlay is going to win.

Overlays Must Win at Least $20

The minimum commission you must pay for an Overlay is $1. $1 is 5% of $20. The minimum amount you need to win is going to be $20 in order to pay the minimum commission of $1. Regardless of the Point you are going to Overlay, the minimum the Overlay is going to win must be $20.

Overlay the 6 and 8

True Odds for the Don’t Side on the 6 and 8 are 5:6 or “$5 for every $6”. Therefore you must bet an Overlay in increments of 6. At the same time, your Overlay must win at least $20. The minimum you can Overlay the 6 or 8 for is $24 because $24 wins $20. When you include the cost of commission the bet total is $25. You would make that bet by telling the dealer “I would like a $25 no 6 (or 8)”. If you would like to keep the bet up to win again you would have to drop $1 for commission.

$25 No 6
Overlays - $25 No Six
$25 No 6 Paid
Overlays - $25 No Six Paid

How Can I Bet for the Dealers

I don't think you can bet improper Overlays for the Dealers. If you would like to make one for the dealers you would have to make it in a proper amount that wins at least $20 and pay the commission for it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player make an Overlay for the dealers.

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