Come Bet Basics

You can think of Come Bets as mini Pass Line bets because they work the exact same way. They win and lose on the same numbers and just like the Pass Line after a Point has rolled, you're able to add Odds to it.

You can only make Come bets during the Intermediate Roll.

Come Bets
Intermediate Roll
  Pays Wins Loses
While in COME Even money 7 or 11 2, 3, 12
While in point Even money When point rolls 7
Comeout Roll
  Pays Wins Loses
While in point Even money When point rolls 7
  • Come bets are contract bets after they move into a point
  • Come bets are always working
Come Bet

How to Bet a Come Bet

Come bets are self service so if you want to make a Come bet then you must place it in the COME yourself. Watch your bet. If other players are making Come bets then you need to be able know which is yours and make sure the dealer is placing that bet in your spot.

How to Bet a Come Bet

Come Bets Work During the Comeout Roll

Come bets are always working. After a Come bet is inside a Point it is always betting that the Point it’s inside will roll before the 7. You can’t turn it off or take it back so no matter what stage in the game you’re at you can count on your Come Bet winning or losing at any given moment.

Come Bets Always Work

Two Stages of a Come Bet

Stage One - In the COME

There are two stages to a Come bet. The first is the original bet, which you place in the COME. While in the COME the Come bet wins when 7 or 11 is rolled and loses when 2, 3, or 12 are rolled.

Stage One of a Come Bet

Stage Two - Inside a Point

Then second stage is the Point it moves to, which is determined by the roll of the dice. While inside a Point, the Come bet wins when that Point is rolled again and loses if the 7 is rolled. Odds on your Come bets are not contract so you can take them back at any time.

Once a Come bet moves inside a Point it becomes a contract bet meaning that once it’s in there you can’t take it back.

Stage Two of a Come Bet

Placement of a Come Bet Inside a Point

Come bets are placed in the same spot as your Place bets except inside the box so you can tell the difference between the two. A Buy bet on a Point is actually put in the same spot as a Come bet and the only way to distinguish between the two is the fact that a Buy bet has a BUY lammer on top of it to let everyone know it’s a Buy bet. Without the lammer on top, a Buy Bet would look exactly like a Come bet.

Placement of a Come bet inside a point

What does a Come Bet Pay

A Come bet can win during the Comeout Roll or during the Intermediate Roll. No matter what stage of the game you’re in a Come bet will always win even money.

Come Bets win even money Come Bets win even money b

Come Bet Terms

There are certain terms used when setting up, taking down, and paying your Come bets. Know what the dealers are doing and saying while servicing your Come bets.

When a Point is rolled a Come bet will move into that Point. When that happens the dealer will let you know that your Come bet has moved into that Point by saying “You’re on the __point__ for __amount__.” They are letting you know they moved your Come bet into the Point and now would be the time to add Odds. E.g. if you had a $10 Come bet and the 6 rolled the dealer would say “You’re on the six for $10.”

Come Bets - On For

Betting a Come Bet for the Dealers

Come bets for dealers don’t have to be in any specific denomination because you can’t bet an improper amount in the Come. Just like a players’ bet, a Come bet for the dealers goes right into the next Point that rolls. The dealers bet is placed in the middle of the Point to signify it belongs to the dealers and gets paid even money if the Point is rolled again.

Dealer Çome Bet

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