Craps Basics

Walking Up

Countless people walk up to the table for the first time with a confused look on their face. They stand a foot or two back scared to join the game because they don’t know who does what, how much anything is, up from down, or left from right. Don’t be one of those people. Walk up with the confidence.

Table Limits

First thing is first: find the table with the lowest minimum bet. You’ll find tables at their lowest limits during the day or middle of the week and at their highest on the weekends. A $5 game can eat $100 in a matter of minutes so make your money last by finding the cheapest table.

The Crew

A Craps table has so many bets and so many players that it requires multiple dealers known as “The Crew”. Three dealers, a Boxperson, and a supervisor (aka “Floor”) are always watching the game. Each plays a part in keeping the game going. The crew is there to help you so don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions.

The Boxperson

This is the person sitting down between two other dealers. Their job is to watch the dealers, players, handle money, and make sure the game moves along smoothly.
When they watch the dealers they are looking for:

  • Propor Procedure
  • Proper Payments
  • Proper setting up of bets
  • Making sure the dealers are doing their job correctly

When they watch the players they are looking for:

  • Bets they make
  • Did they give the right amount of money for their bets
  • Are they getting paid correctly
  • Are they trying to cheat

They also:

  • Handle disputes between the players and/or dealers
  • Counting and dropping cash that comes in from players
  • Coloring up money when players leave

The Base Dealers

The Base Dealers job is to take care of the players on their side of the table. Their duties include:

  • Booking players bets
  • Setting up bets on their side of the table
  • Paying Bets
  • Collecting losing bets
  • Teaching players how to play

The Stickperson

The Stickperson controls the pace of the game using the stick and dice and to take care of the bets in the middle of the table. Their duties include:

  • Sending the dice to the players
  • Taking and setting up bets int eh center of the table
  • Telling the base dealers who and how much to pay players when their center bets win
  • Calling the number the dice land on

The Floor

The Floor’s job is to keep an eye on the game as a whole. Their duties include:

  • Make sure the bank is correct and there are enough for the players
  • Take players’ cards and track their play
  • Grab dice that go off the table
  • Handle disputes that can not be resolved through the Boxperson
  • Triple check payouts

The Table

The Craps table could be intimidating if you don’t know what you’re looking at. It consists of a rail, the layout and the bank.

The Rail

This is where you place your chips. It’s divided into sections and each section if for a player. You place your chips in the rail sideways. Under the rail is a second rail in which you place other objects such as drinks or an ashtray.

Proposition Bets

This whole center of the table is reserved for proposition bets, the most of which are one roll bets.

The Betting Areas

The majority of the game is played on these two areas; one for each side of the table. This is where you make your Pass, Don’t Pass, Place, Come, Don’t bets and Odds.

The Bank

Money that is used to run the game is called the bank. Players’ buy-in’s and color up’s come from there and is where dealers get their money to deal the game.

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