Craps Basics

Starting Out

When you’re ready to start playing it’s important to understand where in the game the players are. There are many mistakes a novice player can make that will upset the other players and one of the main mistakes is buying into the game in the middle of the roll. Read the puck to know where they are in the game.

The Puck

The Puck is double sided and tells you where you are in the game. One side of the Puck is black and reads OFF. This is known as the Comeout Roll and is the beginning of the game.

The opposite side is white and reads ON. This is known as the Intermediate Roll and means the Players are in the middle of the game.

The Comeout Roll

The Comeout Roll, when the Puck is OFF, is the time new players should buy in and people who are leaving should color up. This isn’t a rule, but it is suggested you do it during this time as a courtesy to the other players. If you buy into a game during the Intermediate Roll there is a chance you can get scolded by the other players. This is the best time to play the Pass Line and the only time you can make a bet on the Don’t Pass.

Buying In

It’s suggested to wait until the Comeout Roll to buy chips because. Some players feel if you buy chips in the middle of a roll it messes with the flow of the game although it is your right to make a bet any time. You can certainly walk right up, throw a bunch of money on the table and tell them what bet you want. After the box has counted out your money, one of the base dealers will hand you your chips. Pick them up, put them in the rail, and you are ready to play.

Cashing Out

When it’s time to go, please don’t walk away with the chips unless you have a handful or less. You should also wait until the current roll has ended and it’s a new Comeout Roll. If you color up in the middle of a roll you are saying the shooter isn’t going to win and you want to get out before they cost you any money. When the roll is over, tell the base dealer that you would like to color up and place your chips on the table. You’re doing this so you can convert your smaller chips into larger ones.

The base dealer will hand your chips to the Box and they will count it. The base dealer will cut out your total amount in the Come area but do not reach down and grab them. The Floor will confirm the amount then the base dealer will hand them off to you. You can then than grab it and walk away.