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There are four Outside Points: 4, 5, 9, and 10. When you bet Outside you are betting all the Outside Points, in the same unit amount, not including the Point. For example, if the Point was 8 and you wanted to bet $10 on each of the numbers, you would have to bet the following: $10 on the 4, $10 on the 5, $10 on the 9, and $10 on the 10 — $10 + $10 + $10 + $10 = $40. This bet would be 40 Outside. After the Point has been established, you tell the dealer, “I would like 40 outside” and they’ll repeat “40 outside.” Betting Outside are for those who like high risk, high reward. Going Outside is cheaper than Across but not as safe as betting Inside. 4’s and 10’s are hard to hit but when they do, they pay handsomely.

Outside without Commission

When you bet Outside at lower limits you don’t have to worry about commission because you’re not betting large enough that a vig needs to be charged. The bets on each number are also the same since you are not betting the 6 or 8. The only difference is if you’re betting three or four numbers.

Point 6 or 8

When the Point is 6 or 8 you are betting all four Outside numbers. This is when the cost is going to be the most.

Point 4, 5, 9, or 10

When the Point is 4, 5, 9, or 10 you will only be betting three out of the four possible Outside bets so the cost will be less.

Outside with Commission

When you start to bet Outside at higher limits you will have to include the cost of the vig. This will cause three different possible bets depending on what the Point is.

Point 6 or 8

Outside bets are most expensive when the Point is 6 or 8 because you have to bet all four Outside bets. You need to pay commission for both the 4 and 10.

Point 5 or 9

When the Point is 5 or 9 you only need to bet three out of the four Outside bets and pay commission for both the 4 and 10. These are your second most expensive Outside bets.

Point 4 or 10

The least expensive Outside bet is when the Point is 4 or 10. You only need to bet three out of the four Outside bets and you only need to pay commission for either the 4 or the 10, not both.

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