Beginner Basics

Before you make your first bet

Learn the basics to start playing the game with confidence.

Part 1

Know what you’re walking
up to

Step one to playing Craps is to
know what you’re dealing with.

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Part 2

Know where they are in the

This is where you need to know
what you’re looking at on the table.

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Part 3

You Should Know

Important info so you don’t get yelled at by the dealers or other players. Know how the dice work.

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Part 4

Good to Know

Some more craps info to keep in mind.

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The Pass Line

The first bet you should learn

If you can understand how the Pass Line works then you’ve learned the foundation to Craps. This short three part section on the Pass Line will teach you that foundation.

Pass Line Basics

Here you’ll learn about how the Pass Line wins and loses as well as the two stages of the Pass line, the Comeout Roll and the Intermediate Roll.

Pass Line Odds

The Pass Line offers one of the best bets in the casino, Odds. These have no advantage for the casino and should be taken advantage of every chance you get.

Max Odds on the Pass Line

The Odds bet is so good that casinos put a maximum amount allowed based on how much money you put on the Pass Line.

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Place Bets

A minute to learn, a lifetime to master

When a shooter is having a great roll, Place bets will probably be where everyone is going to make the bulk of their money.

Place Bets Part 1 – Betting Basics

By learning how to play the Pass Line you learn the flow of the game.

Place Bets Part 2 – Buying Place Bets

Once you get to a large enough Place Bet you have the option to Buy.

Place Bets Part 3 – Your Money

You should understand what’s happening to the money you have on the layout.

Place Bets Part 4 – Presses

There are systems designed to add money to one or multiple Place Bets at the same time.

Place Bets Part 5 – Spread Bets

Spread Bets are betting multiple Place Bets at the same time.

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Proposition Bets

Easiest way to turn a little into a lot.

They’re hard to hit which is why they pay so much. All you have to be is lucky to turn $1 into $1000 using Proposition Bets .

Proposition Basics

Giving bets to the Stickperson and one roll bets.

The Hardways

You could bet that some of the Points are going to land as a pair and when they do they are considered to be a Hardway.

Straight Up Bets

These bets are the hopes and dreams of players who have but one dying dollar left. May Lady Luck be on your side.

Soo Many Proposition Bets

From Horns to Horn Highs to Worlds to Hops, the number of ways you can bet on the combination of the dice seem unlimited.

Come Bets

Like mini Pass Line bets.

They work the same way as the Pass Line and also allow True Odds which take away any advantage for the casino.

Come Bets

There are two stages to a Come Bet. Learn how to bet them and how they win.

Come Bet Odds

Like the Pass Line, you can add Odds to your Come Bet which have no advantage for the casino.

Coming Down with Odds

When you play a Come and Place Bet at the same time you should take the Place Bet down and add Odds to your Come Bet.

Difficulty understanding a word? Check out the Glossary

Don’t Side

When you lack faith in the shooter

You don’t always need to bet the shooter will make their Point. You can bet that it won’t happen.

Don’t Pass

The Don’t Pass is the opposite of the Pass Line.

Don’t Pass Lay Odds

Lay Odds on your Don’t Pass also get paid True Odds.

Don’t Come

Don’t Comes are just like mini Don’t Pass Bets.

Don’t Come Lay Odds

Lay odds on your Don’t Come bet get paid True Odds.


If you can make a proper Overlay, vig and all, you shouldn’t have anything left to learn.

Follow us and keep learning

To stay competitive in your game make sure you keep updating your skills with ParlayNation.

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